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Open Letter to Andy Hall

Ramai jugak pelabur yang kecewa dengan Andy Hall, seorang Human Rights Activist sebab berita pasal perbincangan tertutup dengan investors yang dianjurkan oleh Credit Suisse pada 2 Disember yang lalu.. jom baca kat bawah.

An open letter to Andy Hall

Dear Andy Hall,

I am writing this open letter to you as a concerned investor in Bursa Malaysia in connection to the closed door virtual meeting hosted by Credit Suisse on the 11am, 2nd Dec 2021 where issues such as ‘modern slavery practices’ surrounding listed companies with the technology sector listed on Bursa Malaysia were discussed.

The aftermath of it was rather obvious and clear by now to all market participants. Following the virtual closed door meeting, some selected few companies which was mentioned in the meeting endured a volatile trading sessions and closed the day lower and as a result, invested investors of all groups be it retailers or institutions had to endure a significant destruction of their holdings on the 2nd of Dec.

While I recognise that the intention was to highlight some of the problems faced by foreign labourers in Malaysia is admirable, it is hugely irresponsible to single out or highlight or target specific publicly traded companies in the closed door call without any corroborating evidence or conclusive investigation shared to the public.

This call also occurred immediately right after ATA IMS’s loss of Dyson’s contract which is still fresh in investors’ minds, hence the slightest hint on any companies of improper practices from you will trigger panic selling in the market.

As an advocate of transparency like your goodself, I urge you to share the recording of that discussion and articulate your findings objectively without prejudice to the wider public so investors can make better informed decision when investing.

I also read with interest that you were appointed by Sime Darby Plantation as a member of their Expert Stakeholder Human Rights Assessment Commission in March ’21 and subsequently resigned in July ’21,and also Top Glove as a ‘critical friend’ in April ’21.

If you are able to, it will be helpful if you can disclose whether you have received any compensation from your appointment from those companies.

My concern here is that future ‘wrongdoers’, naturally will consider appointing advocates such as your goodself as a quick fix and treat it as a full absolution of their malpractices.

I look forward to your reply.


A concerned investor

errata : 11pm am, 2nd Dec 2021


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