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M+ Global Pengiraan cas Brokerage / Brokerage fee Calculator

*Peringatan, kalkulator ni hanyalah untuk anggaran sahaja.

Brokerage fee adalah faktor penting untuk trader. Cas yang murah, lebih menjimatkan. Untuk mengira MPlus Global brokerage fee, boleh gunakan calculator dibawah:

Cas standard

  1. Stamp duty 0.7%
  2. Settlement Fee $0.003 per unit saham

Brokerage fee (Standard 0.1%)

  1. M+ Global 0.1% Minimum $3
Harga ($)
Kuantiti (unit)
Brokerage Fee (%)
Settlement fee (per unit saham, $)
Stamp Duty (%)
Brokerage fee Min ($)

*Usage of this calculator is at your own risk. This tool is meant to provide an estimation of the cost of fee you have to pay for a contract. There are other factors such as, “floating value” of stamp duty (imposed by MAlaysian government -based on forex & tier not included), currency exchange, and other factors not taken into consideration while using this calculator. You agree to accept terms & use and creator accept NO LIABILITIES arising from the usage of this tool.

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